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Welcome to a glimpse of Skylark Soft Limited‘s most anticipated event of the year – the Skylark Carnival 2023. This annual tour, set against the stunning backdrop of Bandarban, was more than just a trip; it was an immersive experience that intertwined scenic beauty with professional growth and team bonding. In this blog, we invite you to journey with us through the highlights of this extraordinary tour, showcasing how it has enriched our company culture and strengthened our team spirit.

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The Scenic Beauty of Bandarban

Our adventure began as we set foot in the enchanting land of Bandarban, a place where nature’s beauty is in abundance. Known for its majestic hills, verdant landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Bandarban offered the perfect retreat from the hustle of daily corporate life. Each twist and turn along the winding roads revealed panoramic views that took our breath away. The air was crisp, the sky a brilliant blue, and the lush greenery seemed to stretch endlessly. Places like the Meghla Spot stood out as jewels amidst this natural splendor. Here, amidst these serene vistas, we found a sense of peace and a deeper connection with nature – a rare opportunity to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Inspirational Words from Our Leader

A highlight of our annual tour was the inspiring address by our Managing Director & CEO, Mr. B M Shorif. Gathered in an open setting, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of Bandarban, his speech resonated deeply with each of us. Mr. Shorif spoke not just as a leader, but as a visionary who sees beyond the horizon. He shared insights about the future of Skylark Soft Limited, emphasizing the importance of innovation, teamwork, and adaptability in our fast-paced industry. His words were a powerful reminder of our shared goals and the path we are on to achieve them. It wasn’t just a speech; it was a call to action – to strive for excellence, to be proactive in our roles, and to uphold the values that define Skylark. His message instilled a renewed sense of purpose and motivation in all of us.

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Unleashing Team Potential through Bonding

The essence of our Annual tour in Bandarban extended beyond scenic explorations and into the realm of team bonding. It was a journey that unfolded the immense potential within each team member. Through various engaging activities designed to foster collaboration and communication, we witnessed the strengthening of our bonds. Whether it was team-building exercises amidst the greenery or interactive sessions under the open sky, every activity was an opportunity to learn from each other, to challenge ourselves, and to grow together. These moments were not just about fun; they were instrumental in building trust, understanding, and a sense of unity that transcends the usual office environment. This facet of the tour underscored the belief that a connected team is the foundation of a strong and successful organization.

A Festive Culmination with Dinner

As the day turned into night, our tour reached its festive culmination with a special dinner. This was not just any meal, but a celebration of the journey we had embarked on together. Gathered around tables laden with local delicacies like Chicken Bar B Q, Porata, and Mixed Vegetables, the dinner was a time of joyous conversations and shared laughter. It was a moment to relax, to savor the flavors of Bandarban, and to reflect on the memories we had created. In the warmth of this gathering, we realized that these were the moments that truly define the Skylark spirit – a spirit of camaraderie, appreciation, and shared happiness.

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Reflecting on Our Journey

As we reflect on our time in Bandarban, it becomes clear that the Skylark Carnival 2023 was much more than a tour; it was a transformative experience. It was a journey that brought us closer to nature, to our colleagues, and to the core values of Skylark Soft Limited. Each step in Bandarban was a step towards understanding ourselves and each other better. From the peaks of the hills to the depths of our discussions, every experience was a lesson in teamwork, leadership, and personal growth. This tour has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds, shaping the way we view our work, our relationships, and our goals.

Exploring Beyond Bandarban: Skylark Soft’s World-Class Products

While our journey through the enchanting landscapes of Bandarban has been a testament to our team’s unity and spirit, it’s just one facet of Skylark Soft Limited. Back in the realm of technology and innovation, our team is dedicated to building world-class products that are transforming the garment industry. With pioneering solutions like goRMG ERP, PROTRACKER and AQAI, we’re redefining efficiency and productivity for businesses. Our expertise doesn’t stop there; we’re also creating dynamic solutions for government and autonomous bodies. Each product reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.


As we close the chapter on Skylark Carnival 2023, we carry with us not just memories, but a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. The annual tour to Bandarban was a vivid illustration of Skylark Soft Limited’s ethos – a blend of professional dedication, personal growth, and collective harmony. It reinforced the idea that our strength lies in our unity, and our success is a result of our collaborative spirit.

This journey was a testament to the power of coming together, not just as colleagues but as a family that shares, learns, and grows together. It reminded us that in the pursuit of professional excellence, it’s the human connections and shared experiences that truly enrich our journey.

Looking ahead, we are more than just a team; we are a community bound by shared values and aspirations. The Skylark Carnival 2023 has not only set a benchmark for corporate tours but has also laid the foundation for a future where we soar to new heights, together. As we return to our daily routines, we do so with a deeper connection to our work, our team, and the incredible culture that is Skylark Soft Limited.

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