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AQAI (Apparel Quality Assurance and Inspection) by Skylark Soft Limited is an innovative solution designed specifically for enhancing end-line and inline QC processes within the apparel industry. This AI-driven platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize and automate apparel quality inspection workflows, ensuring meticulous adherence to quality standards throughout the manufacturing cycle. AQAI empowers apparel manufacturers to streamline quality control operations, precisely detect defects, and elevate overall product quality. By integrating AI technology into Apparel Quality Assurance and Inspection, businesses can enhance efficiency and reduce manual effort associated with QC tasks. AQAI enables companies to achieve higher levels of accuracy and consistency in quality assessments, fostering improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Experience the future of Apparel Quality Assurance and Inspection with AQAI, empowering manufacturers to deliver superior-quality products while driving operational excellence in the apparel industry.


AQAI: Revolutionizing Apparel Quality Assurance in Apparel Manufacturing

AQAI is the first Apparel Quality Assurance tool developed by the Bangladeshi team, Skylark Soft Limited. In Bangladesh, the apparel sector is a major economic driver, employing many and boosting the nation’s finances. The industry is now focusing on automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


AQAI enhances Apparel Quality Assurance by providing comprehensive oversight and integrated data. Its user-friendly interface and AI-driven analytics enable detailed analysis and real-time insights, ensuring sustainable quality control.

Comprehensive Quality Oversight

AQAI’s 360-degree view delivers an unmatched oversight of your production quality. Streamlining processes, not only enhances quality standards but also elevates operational efficiency.

Integrated Quality Data

Eliminate the challenges of fragmented data. AQAI seamlessly integrates quality-related information across departments, ensuring cohesive management and strategic decision-making.

Detailed Quality Analysis

Delve into the details with AQAI. Our system’s granular level tracking empowers you to precisely refine production strategies, giving you a substantial competitive edge.

User-Friendly Interface

AQAI boasts a user-friendly interface, making complex quality management tasks simpler and more accessible for all team members.

Real-Time Insights and Reporting

Stay ahead with real-time data. AQAI provides instant reports and analytics, offering you the latest insights for swift and effective decision-making.

AI-Driven Predictive Analysis

Benefit from AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling. AQAI helps forecast production outcomes, enabling you to plan more effectively and reduce uncertainties.

Customizable to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so is our solution. AQAI can be customized to fit your specific operational needs, ensuring a perfect alignment with your quality control objectives.

Sustainable Quality Control

By optimizing quality control processes, AQAI contributes to a more sustainable production model, reducing waste and enhancing resource efficiency.

Comprehensive Quality Oversight

AQAI’s 360-degree view delivers an unmatched oversight of your production quality. Streamlining processes, not only enhances quality standards but also elevates operational efficiency.

Key Features of AQAI

The Apparel Quality Assurance and Inspection System automates testing and intelligent execution, offering predictive defect analysis. These advanced capabilities optimize apparel quality Assurance processes, ensuring superior quality control in manufacturing.

how AQAI works Skylark Soft Limited Apparel Quality Assurance

Real-Time Fabric and Accessory Tracking:

Stay constantly updated about in-house materials, enabling effective planning and timely production.

AI-Enhanced Production Forecasting:

Utilize AI algorithms for precise predictions on production completion, making planning more reliable and efficient.

Efficient Order and Shipment Management:

Ensure timely shipments with detailed insights into order planning and deadline adherence.

360-Degree Quality Monitoring:

Monitor every aspect of your production quality in real-time, identifying trends and making informed adjustments.

Other Features

AQAI’s extra features empower Apparel Quality Assurance. Customizable dashboards and automated data accuracy optimize quality control. Dynamic data integration and predictive analytics enable proactive measures, accessible from any smart device for agile decision-making.

Customizable Dashboards:

Personalize your view with customizable dashboards, focusing on the metrics most important to your operations.

Automated Data Accuracy:

Minimize manual errors with automated data entry, enhancing the reliability of your quality control data.

Dynamic Data Integration:

Seamlessly integrate data from various departments, creating a unified platform for quality control analysis and action.

Predictive and Preventive:

Anticipate potential issues before they arise with predictive analytics, and implement preventive measures to maintain high quality standards.

Multi-Device Accessibility:

Access AQAI from any smart device, offering flexibility and convenience for on-the-go monitoring and decision-making.


Harnessing the Power of Data: The Dashboards of Skylark Soft Limited’s AQAI

AQAI system redefines Apparel Quality Assurance with advanced dashboards that blend in-depth data analytics with user-friendly design, transforming quality control in apparel manufacturing. These dashboards enable real-time visualization and customizable interfaces, empowering users to monitor and analyze key production metrics effortlessly for Apparel Quality Assurance excellence.

Real-Time Visualization

Instantly displays comprehensive quality control and production data.


Tailor dashboard views to focus on specific metrics relevant to your needs.

Advanced Analytics

Delve into deep analyses to identify efficiency improvements and make informed decisions.

Predictive Insights

AI-powered tools forecast potential issues, enabling proactive quality management.

Seamless Integration

Integrates data across all production stages for a unified view of operations.

Hourly Production

Apparel Quality Assurance & Inspection End Line QC hourly production AQAI Skylark Soft Limited.png

Heat Map

Apparel Quality Assurance & Inspection End Line QC heat map AQAI Skylark Soft Limited.png

Defect Analysis

Apparel Quality Assurance & Inspection End Line QC Defect Analysis AQAI Skylark Soft Limited.png

Achievement vs Target

Apparel Quality Assurance & Inspection End Line QC Achievement vs Target Skylark Soft Limited.png

Benefits of Choosing AQAI

Experience the transformative benefits of using AQAI for enhanced Apparel Quality Assurance. AQAI streamlines processes improves data accuracy, and empowers proactive decision-making, leading to superior Apparel Quality Assurance outcomes.

Increased Operational Efficiency:

Optimize your entire production process with AQAI’s streamlined approach to quality control, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Make more informed, strategic decisions with the help of real-time data and analytics, driving your business towards greater success.

Enhanced Quality Assurance:

Consistently produce and deliver high-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction and building a strong, reliable brand reputation.

Scalability and Flexibility:

AQAI’s scalable solution adapts to your growing business needs, offering flexibility to handle increased volume and complexity.

Reduced Error and Waste:

Minimize errors and reduce waste through precise, data-driven quality control, contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Proactive Problem-Solving:

Identify and address potential issues before they escalate with AQAI’s predictive analytics, maintaining uninterrupted production flow.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Improve communication and collaboration across departments with AQAI’s integrated system, fostering a more cohesive working environment.

User Empowerment:

Empower your team with user-friendly tools and interfaces, making quality control accessible and understandable for everyone.

Global Standards Compliance:

Ensure your products meet global quality standards, keeping you competitive in international markets.

Continuous Improvement:

Leverage AQAI’s insights for ongoing process improvement, driving continuous innovation and excellence in your operations.


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Skylark is Bangladesh origin an offshore software development company specialized on Textile & Apparel software solution.

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