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Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows computers to make decisions based on rules and algorithms. It has become a buzzword in recent years, with many people wondering whether it will replace humans as the dominant force in the workforce. While some believe AI will replace humans altogether, others think we can use artificial intelligence to augment our capabilities. A garments manufacturing company is no more different or beyond AI. In this point of view,  Skylark Soft Limited is the pioneer in supporting the top-featured ai solutions for the garments industry

The technology that mimics human intelligence. It’s been around for a while, but we’ve only recently seen its full potential. For example, artificial intelligence has recently been used to create programs that recognize and respond to human speech—and even learn from their own mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apparel Industry

Those who work in artificial intelligence feel incredibly excited. It’s because it means we can build more robust systems that make our lives easier every day. We’ll be able to have conversations with our computers, and they’ll understand us almost as well as we know each other. They’ll be able to help us to book flights, find jobs, and even make decisions for us when we can’t be there ourselves. All without ever needing any training or guidance from humans.

We’re at an exciting point in history where all this technology is becoming available to us. The possibilities are endless, and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface!

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Artificial Intelligence Service Areas

AI have a impact on biotechnology, tax industry, & Digital Marketing.

Behind every successful digital marketing campaign is built on artificial intelligence. It’s what drives machine learning and personalization engines, delivers hyper-segmented audiences and provides conversion insights to marketers.

Cloud-based business process outsourcing software platform that utilizes the latest artificial intelligence component technology.

We communicate with client- customer in a convenient, efficient, and comfortable way within the proposal. Like, offer regular follow-up. Ultimately, ensuring we understand our client need.

Enhance data processing in the provisioning of business services, including but not limited to translation and interpreting services.

We use artificial intelligence technology to help business operations & management of manufacturing company

To scale up your business, launch new products and services, and optimize the way you do business.

Delivers accurate, fast and customizable services to clients – even when there is a lack of human resources or time.

Artificial Intelligence is used in the following services :

AI Strategy

AI is now hype topic. We go through different approaches to work with AI in our system. Like, Integration capability makes us top artificial intelligence(ai) service company near me. We have created promising spaces that have plethora of scope to work.

Email Automation, Facebook Conversion API, Data Tracking for E-commerce through GTM-Google Analytics(GA-4) are another focused areas making  eye-opening top artificial intelligence(ai) service company in BD. We also have domain specialization; Supply chain, Transportation, Telecom, etc.

AI can be used to create machine learning models to improve garment manufacturing processes’ accuracy. It is a part of advanced data science. Thus decisions are Faster, Better, and Automated than ever before.

Furthermore, AI solutions enables to manage warehouses, factories, and any other commercial or industrial assets.


Real-time Data


Big Data Analytics


Deep Learning


Digital Marketing


Chat-Bot Automation

Most Important

Machine learning

Why Us- AI Solution Service Provider

We develop the technology and solution regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on Deep Learning. With the latest technologies, deep learning increases its generalization and applications in various fields.

We investigate, analyze, and process big data, bringing intelligence technologies to life. Moreover, it helps businesses become their brands in artificial intelligence. We also cover deep learning and machine learning.


Moreover, the client always faces new solutions. We’re always responsive with our best AI technologies.

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best AI software company for garments manufacturing company

Ameliorate Complication

AI in the fashion industry

Cloud-based technology compatibility

AI in the fashion industry

Speed, Accuracy, & Cost-Effectiveness

artificial intelligence implementation team in apparel factory

Scaling and performance

best software company for AI in apparel industry

Flexibility and Functionality

AI in the fashion industry

Hands-on Development Environment

Artificial intelligence in apparel manufacturing

Deliver Quality Assurance

artificial Intelligence applications in the garments Industry

Client Handling

artificial Intelligence applications in the garments Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Apparel Industry

Tech innovation will continue to play a key role in the retail industry, especially in RMG industry. The opportunity for artificial intelligence(AI) in the garments or textile manufacturing industry is enormous.
Following those problems, we’ve developed some creative applications in the textile manufacturing company concept. After successfully applying, the impact is very much fruitful in the operational stages. More difference is created in the fashion industry. It is transforming the textile industry in terms of clothing production.
Artificial Intelligence automates some of the processes(cutting, production, human resource, supply chain, management) involved in making clothes.

For example, It enables multi-tasking and eases the workload for existing resources.

Additionally, AI helps by analyzing the data from garment factories and automating tasks like fabric cutting based on that data. It can also analyze the data to give insights into what customers want in their products. Consequently, companies make better decisions about their by accelerating and improving production cycles Without downtime.

Fabric Inspection

Predict and minimize fabric defects that could even cause order cancellation

Textile Cloud

Cloud-based solution for an apparel manufacturing company

Supply Chain Agile

More agile with accurate product storing, distribution & management

Project Completion

 Adaptability to Changing Needs with timely delivery by getting real-time data

Quality Assurance

Control the quality of garments to attract more buyers & generate more reputation


Speed up to optimize the production cycle of garments with CUTRACKER 


Benefits of- AI Solutions for Garments Industry

In the textile or apparel industry, artificial intelligence decides what products consumers want based on their preferences, previous purchases, and other factors.

This technology can help companies make more informed decisions about what products to stock in stores and how much inventory to keep at any given time.

There’re a lot of data that remains unstructured in garments manufacturing industry. With the right AI software or tools, it can have a huge impact.

Without compromising, entrepreneurs can kickstart garments business with our solutions as a -top artificial intelligence(ai) service company in Bangladesh

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining strict rules about textile products & manufacturing. Ensures safety for human use & consumption.

Fetch Insights Faster

Gain insights faster from processed data, allowing faster decision-making and has continuous availability


Innovate and come up with better networks and better methods to solve any specific problem in apparel industry

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