Skylark Soft Ltd and AVANT Group have signed an agreement for the implementation of “goRMG ERP” for their garment factories.

B M Shorif,  Managing Director of Skylark Soft Limited & Abhijeet Rajeshirki, CEO of AVANT GROUP, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

AVANT Group, one of the leading garment manufacturers in the country, has been making significant contributions to the country’s garment industry since its inception in 2012. The company is well-known in the international market, the lion’s share of which is in the United States and Europe. In order to maintain its position in the competitive market, its executives do not see any alternative to modernization in working methods and transparency in every part of the organization. To that end, to strengthen their position, a new dimension of ‘goRMG ERP’ has been added to the company’s work plan.

GoRMG ERP is a specialized self-contained software developed for the RMG sector by Skylark Soft Limited, one of the leading software developers in the country. Accurate data entry can be ensured along with monitoring every step from ordering a garment to shipment. With marketing, merchandising, TNA, textiles, garments production, inventory, commercial, accounting, HR and payroll and customizable modules, goRMG ERP is a self-contained ERP solution. Plan. Through which the next plan can be determined accurately through transparency and accurate reporting in each department. Because of these qualities, goRMG ERP has now earned the trust of the leading garment manufacturers. The reflection of which is to take their place in the list of AVANT group’s favorites.

After signing the agreement with Skylark Soft Limited, the CEO of AVANT Group said, “In the garment industry, modernization and digitization are critical, as is the need to closely oversee the entire process. Because of its simple operation, precise reporting, and crucial information on the same dashboard, we find “goRMG ERP” is the finest potential solution for these.”

B M Shorif, Managing Director and CEO of Skylark Soft Ltd. said, “Since our inception, we have ensured the best standard of service to suit the needs of our clients. Its current manifestation is the ability to execute a deal with a huge corporation such as AVANT Group. By gradually improving the quality of our services, we hope to make a significant contribution to Bangladesh’s garment industry’s modernization.”

Among others Sajid Yamin Shah, Sr. Executive – Business Development of Skylark Soft Limited & Syed Rezwanul Huq- IT Consultant of AVANT Group was also present at the signing ceremony 

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