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The process consists of acquiring, differentiating and analyzing customer data for the purpose of optimizing productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.
With this software system, customers can design their plan of action for sales, marketing and customer service to improve business standards, increase brand loyalty and find unique selling opportunities.  In this point of view, PATRON CRM is the best CRM software in Bangladesh


Patron CRM has been at the forefront of Customer Relationship Management and CRM software since its development.

Additionally, it is competitively the best CRM for small businesses apart from others in BD.  Firstly, You can optimize customer relationships across The Entire Business Cycle  Secondly, Manage Your Customers’ Data Across Every Stage Of The Relationship. Thirdly, Maximize Return On Investment By Automating Your Business Processes.

Moreover, Increase Customer Loyalty And Engagement With Our CRM System. More importantly, employee friendly.

Others Advantages- PATRON CRM

We Don’t compromise on support and services, which is an integral part of all CRM programs.

Regarding the client support issue, we’ve highly knowledgeable and skillful staff. Our networking systems are strong enough to nurture leads

To summarize, Get Smarter and More Effective Customer Engagement with Patron.

Above all those reasons, PATRON- is the best best CRM software in Bangladesh.

Data Management

Provides accurate sales, marketing, and customer service information on various aspects with tracking management


Automates repetitive tasks to improve efficiency & productivity significantly


CRM software is compatible with other systems


Admin can create different roles option for users to view dashboard


Easy tracking of email with client integration, the progress of your leads and contacts.

ERP Integrations

Gather information about your customers’ behavior so that you can target them with personalized messages or offers in real-time

PATRON CRM(best CRM software in Bangladesh)- Modules

Unparallelled support services keep us competitive. The real-time monitoring feature & Efficient way to schedule tasks makes PATRON software more amazing for the user. PATRON CRM- Best CRM software in Bangladesh Comes With The Following Modules with the attractive dashboard.

Leads Management

Helps you efficiently manage, track and convert leads into loyal business consumers-customers.

Contact Management

manage large numbers of contacts and optimize their contacts to lead conversions

Sales Automation

Manage your sales team, keep track of their activities, and stay on top of what's happening in the field

Sales Forecasting

Creates multiple forecasts based on different sources of data such as: Historical data; Current demand trends; Future demand trends

Opportunity Management

Tracking opportunities across all stages of the sales funnel. Gaining real-time insights into your company's sales performance. Schedule follow-ups or meetings with clients

Campaign Management

Create marketing campaigns and campaigns for different channels (email, social media, etc

Sales Analytics

Ensures revenue amount in each campaign is generating, what kinds of customers are responding to which campaigns, and what kind of response rates are being achieved by different channels.

Marketing Automation

Track your sales funnel, identify the gaps in it and work on them to enhance the conversion rates

Sales Data

Betterment of customer relationships. From tracking customer interactions, monitor customer satisfaction, and forecast future sales.

Mobile CRM

Manages team from anywhere, anytime with Easier collaboration

Benefits-CRM Software in Bangladesh

A Customer Relationship Management System- services provides the ablility to handle all the software solutions related to the customer management procedure. Moreover, you want dedicated leads and a sales team to optimize your lead database to ensure you retain your customers efficiently, calling for sophisticated tools for lead tracking and management.

They are meant to keep track of your organization’s contacts and information about products and clients’ needs. In other words, your CRM system must cover the backend office.

Owners sometimes get busy with multiple tasks. The software lets them sync contacts and reminders over the internet. Consequently, can access them from wherever. This way, users do not have to carry around a large file of clients’ data files on a laptop or desktop.

Pricing Schemes


Multiple payment options good availability of features that are suitable for the company’s requirements

Refer-A-Friend Program


Turn satisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors by rewarding them for their loyalty

Increase Revenue


Encourages repeat business through targeted marketing campaigns based on historical behavior patterns


Mind Blowing

Allowing businesses to capture customer data and use it to understand the customer’s needs.



Helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s products and services. 

Better Client Experience


Create enhanced user experiences through data insights about past purchases/interactions from the system

Why Us- Best CRM System In Bangladesh

Patron is easy to use and affordable for Businesses of all sizes.

Patron is a software platform that helps you manage and keep your customers happy. It has a few modules to help you manage your email list, track customer service interactions, and create email marketing campaigns.

In addition,  email marketing campaigns based on demographics & psychographics such as age range & gender preferences

It enables you, gathers information about your customers’ behavior so that you can target them with personalized messages or offers in real-time

Moreover, creates an opportunity to track customer sales, payments, and refunds over time to see how well each product or service performs (and identify improvement opportunities).

On whole, this is the first ever software in Bangladesh that serves your purpose in any industry.

Made for the Demand

CRM is developed according to preferred choice of particular industry & tailored to suit your company

Scalability and Flexibility

scale up your CRM without any need to interfere with the infrastructure of the software.


Secure so that no one can breach data

Competitive Advantage

You can safely integrate trade secrets into your CRM, develop business strategies, and stay ahead of the curve. You don’t want to stay behind.

Integration With Your Workflow

You don’t need to spend extra funds on the integration of a purchased CRM. The custom one is developed with your infrastructure in mind. That way you can get it up and running as soon as possible.

Data Transfer

A smooth and efficient transition of data from one system to another is possible


 Robust support services, operate B2B and B2C. We maintain seamless communication ,fast deliery  complete client satisfaction.

Multi-user/Multi-device flexibility

Users can access to streamlined upgraded features from any where

Industry-We Cover


Health Care

Small Business


Property Management


Ticketing System


Get the Most Out of Your CRM

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Find and Convert Business Leads into Customers. The intuitive interface lets you maintain all processes related to your contact management in one place

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