It ‘s a complete enterprise solution for all kinds of industries to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management & compliance, supply chain operations & so on. Certainly, in this specific perspective PATRON ERP is the best ERP software in Bangladesh.

Cloud computing and distributed storage system is one of the key features of the in erp software. Allowing to access your data from anywhere so that you can work on it without having to worry about being connected. The distributed storage system is another way capable of achieving superior scalability. It helps you store your data across multiple servers so that other servers are still available for you if one server goes down.

Benefit -PATRON ERP( Best ERP System)

A major benefit of using an ERP solution in modern day business is owners are capable of manage  business with One System.  C-level personals need to be meticulous to jumpstart their company. PATRON ERP can be a life changing for them. ERP implementation is vital for data forecasting, what works, what’s important, and what can be improve

To fulfill the requirements of business partners and external stakeholders, ERP solutions has always a greater demand. Additionally, ERP system  keeps employees happy and productive .

ERP is the best strategy & instructive part for IOT industry 4.0 software solutions for business growth. Similarly, for overcoming & mitigating the current challenges in our country’s perspective.

  • Total Visibility

    Facilitates tons of Business Data Analysis to gain unique insights. Like, fastest & slowest sales period

  • Flexible Modularity

    Smooth monitoring of various operations

  • Improved Collaboration & Work Flows

    Users learn the ins and outs of the Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software in a short amount of time. Thus communication improves between both the client & buyer

  • Standardized Business Process

    Tracking the products helps you manage better business operations & decision making process in the organization.

  • Superior Scalability

    Handling large amounts of data ,complex processes & small ones. Scale up with additional resources

  • Improved reporting & Planning

    Inventory and order history gives the idea about how much of a product to stock, to order or produce.

PATRON ERP( Best ERP Software Solutions) -Modules

The modules or categories are developed maintaining industry operations. On the whole, managing customers and other stakeholders. Even if you don’t have a customer-facing team.

Purchase Record

Easily integrate  billing, invoicing, accounts, credit/debtor management, stock management, bulk emailing tools etc on your business

Investment Record

Detailed and accurate record of investments, costs which can be used to perform financial analysis and business planning to generate investment reports


Tracking and analyze  business data. It helps  to identify the best sales strategy and reach the goals.

Employee Management

Enables to accurately track employees’ time, productivity and performance. gain insight into  workforce and make sure that your company is operating at its full potential.

Finance & Accounting

Enables to generate accurate financial information to control expenses. Consequently, management can use to make important decisions.

Improvement Record

Know what has been done during the past period and what can be done in the future. On the other hand, easily see which path has been taken by our competitors and what improvements they have made recently.


Customer Relationship Management in ERP software allows you to track customer interactions, from initial contact through sales, support, and beyond. You can use the CRM to track emails and phone calls, store notes about each interaction, and create reports on how your different departments interact with customers.


Gathering data from various sources, analyzing them, make produce reports, create proposals. Measure campaign results and improve future campaigns. The goal is to make more profit because they can decide what products should be sold at what prices.


Plan out your production schedule and organize it by individual product or batch. Monitor progress toward completion and keep tabs on how much time remains before a product can be shipped.

Payroll Management

Manage employee records and keep them up-to-date at all times. For Instance, automate that procedure by providing features like payroll calculation, employee pay slip generation, tax calculation, tax processing, etc. 

Data Management

Monitor the volume of incoming and outgoing data; Track the quality of your data; Identify errors and eliminate them; Maintain the financial discipline of your company by monitoring the accuracy of accounting records.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the supply, procurement and distribution of goods. the right amount of product on hand. Prevents from storing excess inventory.

Inventory Management

Helps businesses to keep track of all the inventory and products; organize their inventory according to their needs and requirements; to control stock levels &  ensuring about don’t run out of products or overstock .

ERP Software Solutions Company- WHY US

Specially PATRON ERP- for Retail, Distribution & Inventory Management system. The Fair Charges is affordable no other alternatives may n’t prevail.  PATRON ERP can also be used as a construction ERP software. The other sectors like the insurance industry, Government & Public sector ERP solutions. In the same vein, it intrigues in the mind of manufacturing industry leaders .

We Provide High-Quality Software. Our software’s GUI is Good looking and Attractive. According to the deal, provide Complete Running Code. Moreover, we emphasize on Complete User Satisfaction. In short, codes are simple and understandable for future customization.

We’ve a proven track record of successful implementation with customization( if applicable) professionally across all platforms.

As a web-based/ Desktop based software Application or ERP solution,  it has become more profitable. Thus we’ve established ourselves as an online ERP software company in Bangladesh

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software can be used online using domain , subdomain etc. or also you can use this offline using PHP laravel

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