HR and Payroll management
Elevating HR Management | Redefining Efficiency & Ease

HRKIT is a leading web-based HR and Payroll management solution, streamlining processes from attendance tracking to payroll handling with a responsive, feature-rich dashboard. It enhances efficiency for employees and administration alike.

The latest update of HRKIT brings heightened efficiency and accuracy to payroll systems, saving time and resources. Employees can easily access key information on duties, pay policies, and leaves. Explore HRKIT’s transformative capabilities in our latest video, showcasing its impact on HR management.

Why do we use it?

Attendance Management

Maximizes efficiency through timely presence

Leave Management

Automates leave application & approval

Payroll Automation

Salary calculations and disbursements.

Performance Tracking

Easy monitoring of employee performance

Analytic & Reporting

Advanced analytics and customizable reports

Reducing Cost

Optimizes resource management to cut costs

Time Saving

User friendly environment reduce time of operation

Access Control

Robust access control for secure management

Document Storage

Secure and easy-to-retrieve digital document storage

Real-Time Updates

Immediate notification of policy or schedule changes

Data Accuracy

Ensuring data accuracy for all the time


Facilitates internal communication between teams

HR and Payroll management is essential for an HRM system to develop business strategies, in the maximum inconvenient and time-consuming daily activities. Maintaining a clean payroll system means time and money savings as well as increased efficiency of the business. This is why payroll software is a must for medium or larger enterprises/organizations.

Modules of HRKIT

Daily Attendance

Employee Information

Policy Setup

Deduction Process

Leave Management

Salary Report

Shift Management

Provident Fund

HR Report

Loan Management

Maternity Benefits

Payment Management

Final Settlement

Session Planning

Recruitment Planning

Employee Onboarding

Employee Self Service

Payroll Management

Benefit Management

Performance Report

Task Management

Training & Development

Notice Board

Disciplinary Actions

Employee Seperation

Finding the right HRMS

Seem like an endless series of challenges.

The problem is when you start looking at what HR software and technology is available, “HRMS” turns out to be a somewhat slippery term. Some vendors use it to describe a basic employee database with limited functionality, onto which can be bolted several compatible modules, each providing software support for one of the different HR functions.

Benefits of Using HRKIT

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Comprehensive and Efficient Management with HRKIT

  • Optimizes the entire recruitment process.
  • Job postings and candidate onboarding.
  • Unifies processes on a single platform.
  • Boosts overall efficiency in recruitment activities.
  • Increases effectiveness in attracting and onboarding.
  • Offers a comprehensive module for Recruitment Management.

Empowering Employee Management

Comprehensive Lifecycle Solutions with HRKIT

  • Manages detailed employee profiles effectively.
  • Handles provident fund management efficiently.
  • Manages sensitive tasks, including employee separation.
  • Provides a platform for a comprehensive employee lifecycle.
  • Ensures precision and dignity in handling employee exits.
  • Streamlines various aspects of employee management.

Maximizing HR Efficiency

Advanced Attendance, Payroll, and Shift Management

  • Effortlessly manages attendance and leave.
  • Ensures accurate tracking of employee attendance.
  • Simplifies leave management for consistency.
  • Automates complex payroll calculations.
  • Seamlessly manages employee loan processes.
  • Ensures compliance with financial regulations.

Advanced Access and Search Capabilities

Security and Efficiency with HRKIT

  • Advanced search options for quick retrieval.
  • Allows searching with multiple criteria.
  • Enhances decision-making with speed and accuracy.
  • Provides extensive control over access permissions.
  • Customize access at granular and macro levels.
  • Maintains security and efficiency in data access.
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