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Barcode enabled bundle card management system CUTRACKER developed for the cutting section. From the cutting section, an operator inserts order information like a buyer, order, color, size, etc. After receiving lay chart information, the software automatically generates a bundle card. And then, it binds this bundle card to the fabric bundle. The system will create all kinds of reports automatically.

barcode enabled bundle card system

A barcode is a reference number used to look for information about a particular item. These graphical representations make it possible for companies and retail stores to improve their efficiency. As a result, an accurate and fast method of entering data leads to better management by CUTRACKER.


The barcode-enabled bundle card system

CUTRACKER is mainly used in the cutting section. This product is nested in the cutting section of the real-time automated production tracking software PROTRACKER, a widely used product for tracking from cutting to finishing. Barcode upgrades the poor condition of missing information or putting the wrong data. In addition, input multiple times following less than a requirement.

Starts With Cutting Process

Creating Unique ID

From the cutting section, An operator inserts order information like a buyer, order, color, size, etc.

Barcode Generation

After receiving the lay chart from the cutting table, it generates a barcode.


After printing the bundle card he binds this bundle card to the fabric bundle.


All kinds of reports will auto-generate. No manual reports are needed.
QC Inspector Check


After that QC Inspectors check that and send it to cutting inventory/sewing input.
Thus the hassle-free process ends

Benefits of Barcode Tracking System

The enormous advantages lead an industrial production company or even a medium supply chain service provider toward a well-organized one.  Working on a sheet, where some old pages are not deleted may hamper keeping the sensitive data. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions. Moreover, automating tasks and processes.

Accuracy & Speed

 Increased accuracy and speed in the distribution of products


Reduced costs associated with manual handling and inaccuracies

Increased Security

Safer for tracking the movement of products

Improved inventory management

 The inventory system operation process becomes more fast

Automate Communication

Barcode-enabled systems improves communication across departments and teams 

Gain a competitive edge

Implementing a barcode-enabled system keeps the head from a well-played competitor in the marketplace

Compliance Issues

 Increase compliance with barcode-enabled systems.

Environmental Impact

Reduce environmental impact 
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