Garments & Apparel lab testing is one of the most prerequisite steps that should be ensured. The right lab management software can reassure you a lot. To illustrate, the garment lab management system- goRMG LAB comprises top-level modules aligning with the Textile Industry’s needs.

According to the buyers’ testing requirements garments, fabrics, yarn and accessories (zipper, button, eyelet, etc.) need to be tested by the buyer-approved testing labs to ensure that the goods maintain quality standards and there is no presence of restricted chemicals in garments and accessories.

To clarify, improve the product or prevent sub-standard merchandise from progressing further in the cycle.

Apparel & Garments Lab Management- Modules

Garment testing lab management systemgoRMG LAB Comes With The Following features or applications

Fabric Lab
  • Requisition
  • Logbook
  • Worksheet Creation
Garments Lab
  • Requisition
  • Logbook
  • Worksheet Prepare
System / Library Management
  • Buyer Profile
  • Testing Criteria
  • Requirments List
  • Test Method Profile
  • TRF Report
  • Worksheet Report
  • Test Method-wise Report
  • Buyer-wise Test Report
  • Buyer-wise Test Summary
  • Style Analysis Report
Benefits of- Lab Testing for Textile & Apparel

The Importance of Testing (laboratory) in the Textile and Garment Industry can’t be stated in just words. For this reason, a lab management system enhances the evaluation to satisfy specific requirements. Hence, our management system comply both apparel lab manufacturers & wholesalers.

Besides, one of the aims of lab testing is to maintain, within known tolerances, certain specified properties of the product stands at preset level.

Furthermore, enables steps to be taken to eliminate faulty production in future and so provide a better quality product. As a result, Investigations of faults can also involve the determination of which party is responsible for faulty material

Apparel Raw Materials Checking

The standards that the raw material has to meet must be set at a realistic level.

Garments Production Monitoring

Involves testing samples taken from the production line for quality control.

Assessing the Final Product

Examine bulk production before delivery to the customer to meet the specifications.

Investigate Faulty Material

The standards that the raw material has to meet must be set at a realistic level.

Why- Garments Lab Management System?
goRMG LAB is your ultimate partner for textile testing lab management systems. clothing & apparel labs always go critical issues. So, factory owners or labs can put their reliance on us. We’re capable of handling all your lab solution with latest industry regulations.
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