Inventory management is an integral part of the Apparel Industry. For this purpose, garments inventory management software can relieve the owners of managing clothes & accessories. Moreover, an appealing inventory report can do the rest to get the desired revenue. In this scenario, goRMG STORE is the best inventory software for garment manufacturers in the textile sector.

Apparel or clothing manufacturers faces ” Ageing Date ” issue. That is, they can’t guess to use the product after 6 months. goRMG Store is unique in this perspective to notify the product status. It is possible to make quick decisions whether to place garbage those, sell or use !

goRMG STORE includes all types of inventory processes like yarn, grey  & finish fabric, trims , dyes & chemical , maintenance & scrap, general & all kinds of store for textiles & ready made garments

garments inventory software-gormg store modules
best garments inventory management software in bangladesh machine barcode generation-gormg store

Garments Inventory Software- Modules

The modules are developed aligning with the apparel or knit garments industry needs, demands and to clarify, keep in touch of latest trend in textile factory. It’s about factory owners face back to back issues everyday in product management.

From Machine inventory to trim store –  keep a solid database of the stock of finished goods or raw materials or of tools and machinery

Furthermore, an machine dashboard can comprehensively resolve all the machinery checkout & maintenance issue from time to time.

Trims Store

Accessories -Sewing thread, buttons, zippers, velcro, labels, shoulder pod, linings and interlining. Bin card, MRR, Trim issue solve etc

Trims Store Pro

Users can get advanced listings like trim receive, trim receive return, trim issue solve, trims issue return

Grey Fabric Store

The grey fabric is the raw, unprocessed and unfinished woven fabric taken directly from a loom.

Yarn Store Management

Long fibers that are interlocked with each other. Managing diversified threads according to color & quality

Dyes & Chemical

A dye is a colored substance that chemically bonds to the substrate. In this module, users can sort out- return, issue solve, stock out & transfer.

Finished Fabric Store

A treatment given to change the appearance , touch or performance of a fabric. fabric issue solve, fabric receive or transfer etc

General Inventory Store

Product that is currently stocked by distributor like stock-in, stock-out, vouchers etc. Listing can be supplier, items , category or brand.

Machine Inventory

In this module, users can keep record with barcode generation, update of machine profile, maintenance calendrer, machine transfer, etc.

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Features of Textile Inventory System

Complete WEB Based software

Our ERP software is a complete web-based software. You can use it instantly on any browser from any corner of the world.

Unlimited Users

Our ERP system is built to allow small and medium businesses run smoothly with multi-user feature.

Inbuilt Email and SMS Integration

We have built Email and SMS integration feature to help you reduce time on communications and concentrate more on other significant areas of your business.

Mobile & Tab Compatibility

Access our ERP in your mobiles and tabs whenever necessary (No need to invest in high-end systems)


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User Interface can be built in any client-specific language which makes the user understand and communicate to the application without any obstacles.

Dynamic Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard feature will help you to access specific module at one instant and helps the higher management take quick decisions.

Flexible Software

Plug and Play, Easy to customize the application when and where ever required.

Benefits of- Inventory Software for Garments

goRMG store has opened numerous possibilities for garment shops for their inventory management system. Primarily, helps businesses to manage their inventory easily by sorting their merchandise into different categories such as vendor, style, brand, suppliers, color, size, price, services, serial number et.

Additionally, one can smoothly maintain product identification for a specific SKU with reorder point.

Most importantly, saves from dead stock in retail garment store.

In conclusion, delivers updates on the order of items by the fulfillment of dates & demand.

garment inventory management system


Textile inventory software Prevents excess stock & stock outs


Managing Multiple Warehouses & Product Catalog

Profile Management

Enables an individual profile for each product (picture, cost, sale price, inventory locations, discount allowed .


Raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods across supply chain.

garments inventory management system in bangladesh- stock out(general store ) in gormg store

Why Us- Garments Inventory Software Provider

We prioritize Business goals and access full control. No matter, How big the business and the people involved. Furthermore, our software is based on Cloud.

Thus retail garments or knit fabrics industry can make the most of using the inventory software for garments-goRMG STORE which is enhanced with the latest Apparel or Textile factory inventory management trends. All in one- billing, taxation, expenses & inventory.

On the whole, our inventory software is fully functional for apparel wholesalers or distributor.

  • Support

    We’re very much collaborative manner & willing to provide urgently after sales customer service to client

  • World Class Product

    As we’ve complete ERP solution for garments manufacturing industry, our product is more competitively better than others in market

  • Project Delivery

    We’re very much strict in completion the project at the right time

  • Client Satisfaction

    goRMG Store– best inventory software for apparel manufacturing is running smoothly in various factory.

  • Customiztion

    We never hesitate to bring any changes to the client’s choice. Team members with proficient & excellent performance are devoted to that.

  • Compliance

    We assign specific workforce to each project. Therefore, emerging as a fabric inventory software provider in the soft corner of mind by customer.

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