The task of production planning is very complex and painful. TACTIC- Garments Production Planning Software removes the unstructured scheduling of textile manufacturing company operation, bringing within your command.

TACTIC is the software system of foreseeing every step (cutting to finishing) in a long series of separate operations, each step to be taken at the right time and in the right place and each operation to be performed with maximum efficiency.

This software system is vital for industry-level management for the timely delivery of an order. It all starts with cutting- referring to Separation of garment products into components( sectioning, curving, severing) with precise pattern-size following the marker.

Modules - Garment Planning System(TACTIC)

TACTIC is a planning software for manufacturing textile & garment industry. Teams of industry experts developed -TACTIC with robust & east to customize manner. Most importantly, enables you to plan your entire apparel factory production with complete control. It Comes With The Following Modules

Cutting Plan

Planning of cutting- how many pieces for daily, weekly, monthly, strategic- wise of fabric(all type of components)

Sewing Line Capacity Entry

Entry of daily or monthly basis capacity of a particular line of a floor in a textile factory

Knitting Plan

Enlisting the schedule of  the knit process should be start or end on day-wise.

Sewing Capacity Inquiry

Check the database by Buyer, Style/Order, Garments Item, Purchase Order, SMV(standard Minute Value), Floor

Sewing Plan Board

Seeing plan board- in Garments Production Planning Software, refers to the duration of start time & ending time by floor & line wise. Additionally illustrates the data of plan, style/order, progress, shipment date by Line wise, monthly, & even yearly basis.

Sewing Line Plan Report

Sewing plan report shows data entire sewing section or department. The data are based on floor, line, buyer, booking, Purchase Orders, Order Qty, shipment date, sewing start & finish date.

Container Plan

Container refers to the box of the products that lifts up to ship. container plan comprises of container profile, container summaries, container availability

Dyeing Plan

Dyeing plan of garments planning software depicts the schedule of time duration of process starting & ending. Therefore, It is important to maintain the dyeing data.

Finishing Plan

Make a grand schedule of finishing start time (iron) to finish time(packaging) according to shipment date. From that, we can come out with the inspection offer date.

Capacity Plan Reports

Capacity plan summarizes data of Capacity VS Marketing Realization Report with item category

Benefits- Garments Planning Software(TACTIC)

Revolutionize Textile Industry Planning

For the garments industry, a pre-production & material assessment is paramount. A Unique One-TACTIC that meets the demand by supply chain collaboration. Garments factory regularly goes different critical path, capacity & material quality control requirements issue. So, management levels daily adjust their latest plan. As a result, the impact of planning software in the textile manufacturing industry is needless to say.

  • Moreover, fashion retailers, industry brands & manufacturing factories of all sizes prefer an intuitive solution. It’s because factory owners want to revamp the complex & multi-stage textile processes by integrating a dynamic system.
  • Furthermore, lead time & inventory management time reduction is a concerning fact that the lineman of each floor considers. Therefore, the importance of the garments schedule system knows no bounds.
  • There is a saying commitment ensures loyalty. An accurate database setup ensures trust between buyer & seller through successful order completion.

Real-Time data on various aspects

Easily control your production with minimized cost of rework through our planning software for textile industry. real-time data enables to make faster completion of project with maximum security & quality

Updates planning with dates & demands

In case of certain change in planning, this scheduling software is comprehensive & user can easily adjust final delivery according to time & demand
Garments Production Planning Software-container profile
sewing line plan report- Garments Production Planning Software

Production Scheduling & Communication

Of course, setting up a strategy to make a sustainable profit is the top task. TACTIC- removes the struggle of the tough job of making garments planning. Users can visualize the roadmaps of the entire production of a textile factory. This process scales up mutual communication.

Provides Up-to-date Progress Order

An obsolete fashion production planning system only grows in complexity compared with agile & defined management software. An automated planning & reporting system has no alternative to gaining management-level proficiency.

Why Us- The best garments Scheduling Software Provider

We firmly believe in transparency in each meeting before presenting our product. It can be offline or online. Fully Developed garments production planning software is our strength. Moreover, the attitude of dealing with clients & successful delivery of each project keeps us ahead of others.

Thus, TACTIC- production planning software for the garment manufacturing industry encompasses the vast reputation of the user of a factory owner in the market.

Our solution is applicable even for smaller, mass-custom manufacturing companies to track & plan for production.

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