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It is a time-demanding fact that all government data restoration processes should be transformed into online ones for fast, transparency & safety. For public service, and managing diversified functions, the Government sector is now looking for ERP. Government ERP software, PATRON ERP is very much reliable to the user as it serves the personal information management system.

In this scenario, state and local governments can use PATRON ERP effectively. Thus enabling digital transformation in the public sector in both rural & urban areas.

Budget Management System

Inventory Management System

Asset Management System

Personal Information Management System(PIMS)

Training Management System

Meeting Management System

Transport Management System

Accounting Software

government erp software for personal information management system patron erp

Benefits of- Government ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning Application System for Local Government is developed according to the diversified functions of their daily work routines

Personal Information Management System

PIMS is a solution that gathers the data of a specific person in one place. The data varies according to the user. Most commonly- name, address, NID, mobile number, date of birth, educational qualification, leave, posting records, posting abroad designation, organization, family information, language information, local-international training information, travel, publication, promotion particulars, extra curricular activities, job history, additional professional qualifications, disciplinary actions, honours & award, service history etc.

Handy & Well Structured

Custom-Designed Solution

Dedicated Development Team

Responsible of Ownership

No compromise over the project delivery and product quality

High Client Success Rate


Our security system is integrated within software with latest technology

Why Us- Public Sector ERP Software Provider

For e-governance & innovation in Bangladesh, the Local government is also moving towards robust, Agile & efficient ERP software development. They’re more willingly implementing in their structures &  daily working procedures. Thus, the impact of ERP systems on public sector organizations can affect huge.

But, first, the criteria to choose the best local government ERP company is the following we inherently built throughout our company establishment & project completion-delivery

Committed to increase the efficiency of local government on a white label basis
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