Being the authorities of Garments manufacturing companies, it’s always your key concern that you must deliver your products on time to your buyer. But there are some show stopping mistakes which are delaying the shipment, creating a bad impression among buyers & sometimes reducing the quality of the products too. 

So, what could be the possible main reasons for your shipment being delayed? Today, in this blog I am going to discuss some topics responsible for the late issue. The main sections of garment manufacturing companies are Cutting, Print/Embroidery, Sewing Input, Output, Washing, Finishing. There are some tasks in these sections which are very time consuming and as they are being handled manually, so the dimension of time is getting higher. 

In this series, I am going to discuss the issues of each section so you may point out which issues are occurring in your factory. 


  1. Normally, in the Cutting Section, there are a fixed number of people ranging from 10 -12 who are writing the bundle cards. This task is quite time consuming. Here, time is being wasted as well as manpower. If you can save manpower here, you can use them in some other sections, in some other tasks. Also, if you can save time here, your next task can be started early. 
  2. It’s hard to fully track your cutting production manually.
  3. You can not know the amount of fabric got saved or wasted at a glance for quick decision making .
  4. You can not know the excess cutting amount at a glance for quick decision making .
  5. The Gatepass, Challan, rejections & defects are also written manually. These tasks are not only time consuming, but also adds a possibility of error. 
  6. The main fact is that there are always at least 20 people present for writing the reports (CUTTING TO FINISHING) in Microsoft excel. They are spending a fixed time of their everyday working hour just to calculate the production data. Even working this much, the possibility of error can not be ignored here as to err is human.

What if a Cutting Production Tracking  software is introduced here. You can reduce 10-12 man to 1 single man for writing bundle cards. How? Because now all your bundle cards will be written automatically in a few SECONDS. Isn’t it exciting? You can explore our CUTRACKER ( https://www.skylarksoft.com/cutracker-barcode-enabled-bundle-card-system/ ) software to understand this better. There we offer barcode enabled bundle cards that are going to track your each and every production. We also have Artificial Intelligence (AI) based consumption status by which you can know in which consumption fabrics got cut and what should have been the consumption for cutting. 

Let’s come to the Gatepass and Challan writing part. After scanning the bundle cards of the parts you have cut, you can easily create gate pass & challan just by a single click. You can also keep track of the rejections occurred in the cutting sections. 

Now, comes the bigger advantage. We offer reports that are always customizable, which tracks 360 degree cutting production. You can get to know how many fabrics got cut, what should have been the quantity for cutting, how much fabric got saved or wasted, how many rejections occurred in which section- you can get all these detailed information in the reports. And as this is cloud based software, so you don’t need to be present in the factory itself to know the status. 

Also, we provide a feature of a big screen television in each floor that shows real time hourly production that creates a competition and culture of accountability among the line chiefs. This increases the line efficiency and helps to achieve output against target. 

So, adapting a cutting production tracking software will not only automate your processes but also increase productivity, efficiency; decrease time, cost, WIP and stop excess cutting, fake production and fabric wastage. 

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