In my previous blog (https://www.skylarksoft.com/how-can-you-improve-production-part-1/), I discussed about the issues of the cutting section that can be automated through a software. In this blog, I would like to discuss how you can keep track of your print/Embroidery section. 

Generally, after cutting, the parts are sent to the print or Embroidery section. Some get rejected while receiving from print/Embroidery. This is nothing critical if you see in a glance. But if you go deeper, you may find that it is quite necessary to track this section too through a software. 

Suppose you need to see Buyer / Order / PO / Color wise print send, receive & rejection quantity or today’s rejection status. How can you get them within a short time? Also, how can you detect fake production or fake rejection? Now comes the question, Is it necessary to track productions & rejections? The answer is “Yes, of course. You must track them to stop fake productions & rejections!” 

So how can a software help you with it? The main advantage is Accountability. You can go through our PROTRACKER software for knowing this process better. Our software will not let you send the parts to printing/Embroidery that have not got cut yet. This feature is going to stop fake production, fake print send quantity. 

The second feature is, it will not let you receive the parts that are not sent yet. This will stop fake receive quantity.

The third advantage is it will never let you give rejection to the parts that are not sent yet. It will stop fake rejections.

Fourth advantage is your gate pass and challan will be automatically generated, so no more fake print send / receive quantity.   

You can also get buyer / order / color wise print send or receive quantity as well as rejections too. You can see these logs month/day wise too. This information will help you with not only tracking your production but also to make further planning or decision making for the betterment of your garments company. It will also help you to detect what problem is occurring in which line and thus you can directly take actions on that portion for improvements.

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