How PROTRACKER Makes Garments Manufacturing Hassle-Free

In the intricate and demanding environment of apparel manufacturing, traditional methods often fall short in maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and real-time tracking. PROTRACKER, Bangladesh’s first ready-made garments production tracking software, offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Developed by the experienced team at Skylark Soft Limited, PROTRACKER promises to streamline the entire manufacturing process from order initiation to shipping and invoicing.

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  1. What is PROTRACKER?
  2. Why Automation is Necessary in the Garments Sector
  3. Advantages of Using Garment Manufacturing Software like PROTRACKER
  4. In-Depth Steps for Reducing Garments Production Hassles
  5. Comprehensive Key Features of PROTRACKER


PROTRACKER is a highly specialized, barcode-enabled software that is engineered to address the myriad challenges in apparel manufacturing. Developed domestically in Bangladesh, this software is tailored to handle every nuance of apparel production and can integrate seamlessly with existing management systems.

Before learning in-depth details of PROTRACKER let’s have an overall idea about why Automation is necessary in the RMG sector of Bangladesh.

Why Automation is Necessary in the Garments Sector

Why Automation is Necessary in the Garments Sector

In an industry as complex and competitive as garment manufacturing, automation is not just a luxury but a necessity.

Time Efficiency

Manual processes are time-consuming and susceptible to errors. Automation speeds up the production cycle, helping you meet deadlines more consistently.


Automated systems can significantly reduce labor costs and other operational expenses by eliminating the need for manual tracking and record-keeping.


As your business grows, automation ensures that your operations can scale smoothly without a corresponding spike in errors or inefficiencies.

Quality Control

Automated systems offer superior quality control mechanisms, significantly reducing defects and improving overall product quality.

Advantages of Using Garment Manufacturing Software like PROTRACKER

Streamlined Operations

With everything from order details to shipping tracked and automated, the whole production line becomes more streamlined.

Real-time Data Access

Instant access to key performance indicators enables quick and informed decision-making, something that’s impossible with manual systems.

Enhanced Accountability

With every piece of data logged, responsibility is clearer, making it easier to manage your team and hold individuals accountable for their tasks.

Error Reduction

Automated processes dramatically reduce the likelihood of human errors, ensuring more accurate order fulfillment and inventory tracking.

In-Depth Steps for Reducing Garments Production Hassles with PROTRACKER

In-Depth Steps for Reducing Garments Production Hassles with PROTRACKER
Step 1: Cutting Operator Input

In the cutting phase, the operator inserts pivotal details such as the buyer, order specifications, color, and size. This centralized data repository minimizes the risks of human error and omission, which are common in manual processes.

Step 2: Barcode Enabled Bundle Card

Upon receiving a lay chart, the system generates a barcode-enabled bundle card. This card is then bound to the fabric bundle, providing an easy tracking method that significantly reduces the chance of misplacement or errors.

Step 3: Quality Control (QC) Checks

The QC Inspectors examine the bundle cards and the fabric bundles, marking them for any defects or inconsistencies. If cleared, the bundles are then moved to either the cut inventory or directly to the sewing input stage, depending on workflow requirements.

Step 4: Automated Challan/Gate Pass

Protracker enables operators to scan bundles to send them to specialized print/embroidery factories. This is achieved through an automated challan or gate pass system that validates the shipment, making the handover process more organized and less error-prone.

Step 5: Real-Time Monitoring

On the sewing floor, an operator equipped with a dedicated computer scans each bundle card as it arrives. This allows for real-time tracking, with reports on hourly production rates and efficiency levels displayed dynamically on the floor.

Comprehensive Key Features of PROTRACKER

Auto-Generated Reports

The system is designed to create automatic reports, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual record-keeping and enhancing accuracy.

High Efficiency & Productivity

Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, PROTRACKER helps optimize workflows, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Less WIP & Zero Waiting Time

By streamlining operations, the software minimizes the work-in-progress inventory and eliminates idle time, ensuring that the production line operates at its fullest potential.

Quick Decision Making

With real-time data at your fingertips, decision-making becomes quicker and more informed, empowering managers to handle any unexpected challenges more effectively.

Lifetime Data Backup

PROTRACKER comes equipped with a robust data backup feature, ensuring that your business’s critical information is always safe and accessible.

Automated Rejection Status

If there are any issues with the garments, such as defects or inconsistencies, the system will automatically mark these for review, thus improving the overall quality control process.

Email/SMS Notification

The system can send out automated Email or SMS notifications for important events like order completions, shipment changes, or quality issues, thereby ensuring seamless communication within the team.


PROTRACKER represents a significant stride in Bangladesh’s ready-made garments industry. With its comprehensive features and step-by-step tracking, this software offers a modernized, efficient, and cost-effective solution for apparel manufacturers. By integrating PROTRACKER into your production line, you can expect enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and a smoother operation overall.

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