HR and Payroll management

This is a complete HR and Payroll management system. The main scope is to develop a web-based solution for your HR department by which both employees and administration can be benefited in so many ways. The proposed system we like to make the whole payroll system more efficient with full of accuracy by saving time, money, and energy. An employee can get all the information about duty, pay policy, leave by just clicking the link.

HRKIT Comes With The Following Modules

HR and Payroll management is essential for an HRM system to develop business strategies, in the maximum inconvenient and time-consuming daily activities. Maintaining a clean payroll system means time and money savings as well as increased efficiency of the business. This is why payroll software is a must for medium or larger enterprises/organizations. The HRKIT comes with the following modules:

HR and Payroll Management System HRKIT

  • Company Information.
  • Daily Attendance.
  • Deduction
  • Policy Setup
  • Leave
  • Employee Information
  • Salary Report
  • Provident Fund
  • HR Report
  • Loan
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Payment Management
  • Final Settlement
HR and Payroll management

Benefits of using an HR and Payroll Management System

Possibility of Expanding the System:

Another good thing about these systems used for payroll management is that you can expand their functionality in case new requirements arise. These systems have modules that can be added as needed and help to meet changes in requirements with the increase in the number of employees working for the company.

The facility of Customized Reporting:

You can also make use of customized reporting along with the facility of viewing details related to any worker or for all employees for a particular month. These systems also allow you to analyze present and also past payslips made for employees.

Cost-Effective Solution:

If you do an analysis you will find that using such software is a lot more cost-effective solution in comparison to hiring a company to take care of the task of managing your company’s payroll. Overtime such software would turn out to be a lot easier system than manual operations, save your precious time and improve management’s efficiency.

Zero Errors:

The best thing about such automation systems is that these have validation system and checks to ensure that mistakes do not occur.

In addition to it, operators cannot enter wrong information even by mistake so there is the least probability of errors occurring in payroll management.

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