Ultimate Human Resource Management System

The main scope is to develop a web-based solution for HR department by which both employees and administration can be benefited.

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Why you should use a

Human Resource Management System

Efficiency and productivity

Almost 80% of organizations are using HR software to facilitate information gathering or add process efficiencies.

Employee experience / morale

The tools found in HR software play a role in enhancing the employee experience. 

Employee development / retention

The experience and morale functionality mentioned above play into retention efforts.

Regulatory compliance

Making sure the business is complying with regulations at the state and federal level has long been the responsibility of human resources—and that job is only expanding in scope.

Cost savings and Reduce errors

Managing payroll and benefits costs is a top priority for all organizations, given that salaries, payroll taxes and benefits are generally among the largest line items.

Data security

HR, working with the internal communications team, must ensure that relevant security policies are kept up-to-date and that employees know how to identify

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HR and Payroll Management System HRKIT

Modules of HRKIT

  • Employee Basic Information
  • Expatriate Employee information
  • Employee Transfer Entry
  • Disciplinary Information
  • Policy Tagging with Employee
  • Job Separation & Reactivation
  • Single & Group Increment Entry

Modules of HRKIT

  • Promotion Entry
  • Attendance Management
  • Define Holiday & Weekend
  • Leave management
  • Roster Management
  • Payment Management
  • Loan and Advance
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