Automation in garments industry is in demand of time to improve product quality, productivity, and expedite production capacity. The primary motto of automation in the apparel industry is to reduce production cost to survive in the competitive market.

Automation in Production of Yarns, Woven & Knitted Fabrics

The production of yarns and sewing threads is highly automated. A long tradition in automation of the spinning process is mainly based on the experience of a few machine manufacturers. Improvements in automation in garment manufacturing are mainly focused on fabric production. Three knitting processes are compared regarding automation, productivity, and flexibility. In addition, the quality inspection of knitted structures is evolving to a camera-based automated monitoring system that needs to cover the complexity and variety of knitted structures. An approach in self-optimization is described for weaving machines to autonomously find an operating point, which improves all objective functions, compared with conventional (reference) machine settings. By the development of on-loom imaging solution the online monitoring of the weaving quality becomes possible and reduces waste at an early stage of production.

Impact of Automation in Garments Industry

The main driving force of Bangladesh’s economy is the garment industry. To survive in the competition, one has to be constantly acquainted with new equipment and technology. At present such an issue is automation. So, the entrepreneurs in the garment sector have recently started using automatic devices in the factory. For facing the competition of the garments sector, Skylark Soft Limited is providing the Best Garments Production Tracking Software in Bangladesh. It creates a dynamic business impact with innovative and intuitive solutions for all your digital essentials. The aim is to provide the best Garments Production Tracking Software & also introduce the Best ERP System in The Apparel Industry of Bangladesh.

1. Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh have started using automation in factories for the last three-four years. Approximately 250 factories in our country are fulfilling orders with use of the latest technology and machinery. The use of advanced technology assists in cutting down production costs significantly (30-40%) and has spill-over benefits in terms of higher productivity and reduced lead times.

2. In a medium factory, the cutting section used to take 150-200 workers, but now it is working with 10-12 workers using automatic cutting machines.  Again, to create a back pocket for jeans, where four operators had to work, it is now done with one machine. In other words, the work of four people is being done with one operator.

3. Automation is being used the most in the sewing section, also started in product development and manufacturing processes such as: 3D sampling, AutoCAD, Auto cutter etc. Hi-tech sensor machines, barcode readers are also being used in different factories. So, there is no doubt that huge changes will take place in this industry in the next ten years.

4. Due to automation, lots of workers are losing their jobs. This is thought to be one of the main reasons behind the decline in employment. However, many do not see it as a danger, because all the workers in Bangladesh, those who are losing their jobs due to automation are getting employment in this industry in one way or another. Because the size of this industry is still increasing day by day in Bangladesh. But some people are disagreeing again.

5. According to the government’s a2i project and the International Labor Organization (ILO), around 60% of garment workers (27 lacs) in Bangladesh (5.38 Million) will become unemployment by 2041 and be replaced by automatic machines (robots) due to automation in textile industries (RMG sector).

Therefore, in order to survive in the ready-made garment industry market, special attention should be paid to automation along with quality improvement of factories. Because now the future business of the garment industry depends on automation and reduction of lead time.

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