NBR APPROVED VATAX Skylark Soft Limited

VATAX, the latest product of garments specialized software company Skylark Soft Limited, has been launched recently. It is a unique application to manage VAT operation smoothly as per the compliance of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) according to VAT ACT 2012. The VATAX has been developed by a unique team and has been defined by a certified VAT Consultant in Bangladesh. It follows the NBR Guideline fully compliant with VAT & SD Act 2012, as of GO-16/VAT/2019

VAT management software is an NBR Approved VAT software system that is used to calculate value added tax or VAT for an enterprise. In Bangladesh, VAT Management Software is used to record entries related to sales, purchase, inventory, production and payment related entries and finally generates government prescribed reports. VAT software also helps users to submit a final VAT return to the government system directly. Users can monitor digitally from anywhere anytime. It generates reports on daily, monthly & yearly activities that allow users to be aware of their financial status.

VATAX is in full compliance with the VAT Act of 2012. This VAT management system gives your business a Real-Time data operating system with accurate reports by following NBR rules. It always ensures customer priority with 100% effort and provides quality support.

Modern technologies have been used to develop this application. ReactJS has been used in the frontend to give users a blazing fast experience. And for the backend, we have used Laravel, the modern PHP framework. Frontend and backend applications communicate with each other using REST APIs. Another important feature is the progressive web app (PWA); a browser-based mobile application. That means you can use VATAX as a mobile app also. Hope you will enjoy the experience.

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