Garments sector is main revenue generating source in Bangladesh. It is representing Bangladesh to the next level in front of the whole world.This is the reason there is always a heavy pressure to increase production but within a short-limited time. So, what can be the solution? Well, to produce more goods in minimum time, there is no alternative other than taking automation strategy because any kind of automation always reduces manpower, time and cost.

While visiting many factories, closely working with them & through proper research it has come out that a lot of manual processes in garments industry slows down the process of production. These manual processes are important and can not be skipped. But they are very time consuming. So what can be done to remove these manual processes without affecting outcome or may be with better outcome. Here comes the concept of automating things. 

Let me discuss how can software help you to increase your production in a short brief –

After getting an order and finishing all formalities, the working process of Cutting section begins. In the cutting section there are four main stages: 

                      Marker Planning → Fabric SpreadingCutting → Bundling

When the cutting will be done then sorting will begin. Pattern color & size wise bundling will be needed to send them to the sewing line. Here, quite manpower is needed to write the bundle cards. Also, there is always a possibility of error. If we can include automation here, then the task will be very easy. An operator will be needed for giving entries about Order No, PO, Color, Size, Cutting Quantity etc. And then auto bundle cards will be generated with zero error. Then the work left will be just binding the cards with the bundles of the pieces. How about adding an extra option of getting the track of rejections also? Its excellent right? Now let’s see what is the benefit of tracking production? Tracking the cutting production is one of the key phases of the total manufacturing process. A lot of time & manpower get wasted in this phase due to some manual approaches. Also, generating real time report & tracking fake fabric purchase, fake cutting is near to impossible in manual approaches. All of these problems can be easily eliminated by using software. Now, the question is how this will add value to your organization? Let’s see the bullet points below: 

  • Less WIP & Zero Waiting Time
  • High Efficiency & productivity
  • Auto generated reports that will help to get all the info you want to see in a structured manner

Our CUTRACKER is a very good example of tracking cutting production. You can check it out at https://www.skylarksoft.com/cutracker-barcode-enabled-bundle-card-system/

Now comes how software can help you with your printing/Embroidery processes. You will send your garments to printing. But how can you track how many pieces are sent, how many are received, how many got rejected? Well, you can track them manually but extra manpower will be needed and extra time will be wasted. Time is money. So how can we eliminate these three criteria (manpower, time & cost)? Here also benefit of software can be highlighted. We have barcode enabled tracking system that will give you complete track of your garments that also offers you to tag your production for sending them to sewing later on.

After receiving from print/Embroidery, the working process of sewing line will begin. Software can help you track a lot of things here- you can easily track in line WIP, which order is now going on, which PO is going on, how many goods are already sewed and how many are left, how many are rejected. Also, various kinds of reports (Buyer wise report, Date wise report, Month wise report, Color & Size wise report) will help to get an overall track of your goods. No option of fake production. 

After finishing sewing you will need to poly the goods and pack them. This is the stage we call Finishing. Here also software will help you to keep everything tracked and as the manual systems would take more time, software will help you to minimize it while reducing extra manpower. 

Overall, by using a software it will replace a lot of your manual processes and thus you will be able to reduce extra manpower and time. As time is money so definitely it will save your cost. The most important benefits are you will be able to deliver your products within time & get good appreciation from buyer. It will help you to strengthen your professional relationship with them. Another exciting benefit is, if the software is cloud based then you can track the goods & get updates from anywhere at anytime. No more fake production, no more loss of money, no more frustration. Deliver products on time & get good appreciation from buyers.  

You can check out our PROTRACKER software that is a very good example of production tracking system. The link is given below: 

You are welcome to comment down any of your queries or suggestions. You can contact us for demo through submitting the quick contact form at our website. Also you can mail us at info@skylarksoft.com or call us at +88 018 48 346300.

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