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Offshore Development Possibilities And Challenges In Bangladesh
Offshore Development Possibilities


Offshore Development Possibilities in Bangladesh is constantly developing. Don’t discount Bangladesh as a location for your offshore development despite the fact that it is a small nation in the shadow of South Asian software outsourcing behemoths. Bangladesh is quickly being known as a promising location for software outsourcing.

Offshore Development: Entrepreneurs and Resources

Entrepreneurs in the West are considering outsourcing software to Asia. The most popular venues for corporations and IT firms in offshore operations are numerous Asian nations. The expansion of the labor supply is a constant trend that follows the development of firms and businesses that keep expanding into the continent’s various regions. In Asia, there are many IT graduates, and this number keeps increasing yearly. As a result, there are now more people who are highly skilled in IT services available, which expands prospects for many Asian nations; many of which are developing to enter the global market. There appears to be no reason why supply will fail in the next years as its number is still rising.

Offshore Development in South Asia as well as Bangladesh

Software development outsourcing to South and Southeast Asia now goes beyond just cost-saving measures. You can access a highly educated workforce with experience in a number of technology stacks and sectors by outsourcing to these locations and working with remote development teams. Learn about a different source of high-quality, tried-and-true materials to help you combat the developer cost and skills gap in the technology industry.

one of the Asian nations with the lowest wages and resource costs. Bangladesh is a popular destination for outsourcing and offshore. However, Bangladesh’s high product quality is another factor that draws global businesses to in addition to the country’s inexpensive labor and resources. With a score of 48.72 on the 2018 EF English Proficiency Index, Bangladesh is ranked 63rd out of 88 nations.

Bangladesh is rated as “Medium” for outsourcing readiness using one of the proprietary rating methods for international software outsourcing regions. However, this country is still developing in the IT fields. Here is how we view Bangladesh as a location for software outsourcing

To evaluate if a location is ready for software outsourcing, a number of criteria are considered, including its political climate, educational system, technological infrastructure, track record in the outsourcing sector, and the presence of major international corporations. These are some quick facts:

The economy of Bangladesh is robust and projected to develop at 7% yearly until the year 2020.Political stability and collaboration with foreign leaders on national security issues are other strengths. More than 1100 IT businesses and more than 80,000 IT professionals are available in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is home to more than 100 businesses that offer IT outsourcing.

Poor work quality is one of the dangers associated with outsourcing, but not all companies offering offshore development services experience this risk. You now have the option to choose from a variety of nations offering their business and knowledge processing services due to the rise in demand for knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO. To determine which offshore service provider is most appropriate, you simply need to conduct thorough research on each possibility.

Offshoring also cuts operational costs somewhat. Why?

Offshore development centers, particularly in Asian nations, offer economically reasonable pricing in comparison to in-house teams. The average hourly wage in Asian nations like the Philippines, China, and India ranges from $18 to $40.

Offshoring also cuts operational costs somewhat. Why? Offshore development centers, particularly in Asian nations, offer economically reasonable pricing in comparison to in-house teams. The average hourly wage in Asian nations like the Philippines, China, and India ranges from $18 to $40.

Typically, earnings are less than a quarter of what they are in Western nations, with the Philippines being one of the top offshore locations in the globe. Infrastructure convenience contributes to offshoring’s reduced costs as well. Offshore service providers are well-equipped with the necessary technology, understanding of it, and a functional workspace in which to conduct business. With these kinds of advantages for your expanding firm, it’s no surprise that offshore is still popular decades later. To ensure the success of your business operation, it is crucial to implement certain outsourcing tactics.

  • If your company or you have a fixed set of software development requirements or ideas for creating new solutions or service, then the fixed cost model will be the best suited for you.
  • If you or your company has software development requirements that would demand adopting changes and flexibility, then the hourly model is best suited for you.
  • You can hire our dedicated resources as well. They will only be working on your project. A daily timesheet of your work will also be submitted to you. Even though you hire dedicated resource.
  • You can also partner with us for your growth, diversification on a mutual benefit basis. We will give you qualified and experienced professionals with sound domain knowledge.

Bangladesh is a wonderful location, in our opinion, for your software development outsourcing. You must consider and then manage the risks associated with offshore outsourcing, just like you would with any software outsourcing approach. Allow us to share our knowledge with you.

Time Zone and Working Hours

There is a trend in Bangladeshi educational systems to include English as a second language. This will keep raising the possibility of finding a proficient English-speaking outsourced crew. However, take care to verify linguistic abilities. Make sure you and your outsourcing partner have a strategy in place to prevent collaboration from suffering as a result of the overseas team’s inadequate English proficiency.

The Eastern Time Zone is 11 hours ahead of Bangladesh. Any US or European company must therefore prepare for collaboration and/or hunt for businesses that offer Western working hours. This is an important factor for groups implementing Agile development techniques.


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