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If you’re in the garments industry, It is an expectation question among the garments manufacturing company management personnel that You probably hear about ERP software constantly. They go through some queries, Is it worth using ERP software in the garments Industry? 

Want to know the worth & reason for purchasing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the garment industry? This article is for those who are using ERP software in their factory or want to purchase a new ones. Our guide covers the price of ERP software in the garments industry. Read on to find out.

ERP in Short :



ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning or a system that can help your business manage its resources and activities—including its people, finances, production processes, etc. It’s a way to keep track of everything in your company so that you can make better decisions about how to grow it.

ERP software helps manage inventory, customers, orders, and more. That allows companies to be more efficient in their day-to-day operations. However, not all ERP systems are created equal—some have better features than others. So how do you know if ERP software is worth using in the garment industry?

Textile businesses pay massive attention to How much ERP costs per year!

What is ERP in the Apparel industry?

ERP software is a fantastic tool for the garments industry. It lets you track all your raw materials and supplies to know when to order more. Similarly, it helps you manage your inventory and ensure you have enough stock. Furthermore, it can even help you keep track of your employee’s hours and pay so that no one gets paid too much or too little.

If you are in the garments industry, it’s worth using ERP software! But if you need clarification on whether or not it’s right for you, consider these three reasons why ERP software is a must-have for every garment company.

Is it worth using ERP software in the garments industry?

With the acceleration of technology and the continuous demands of the market, it is no wonder that many businesses are considering ERP software. It can help streamline operations and improve efficiency, but is it worth using in the garments industry?

The answer is a resounding yes. Yes, it is! ERP system has been a boon for the apparel factory. It allows for streamlined and accurate inventory management, ensuring you have the right stock. It also makes it easier to track your assets so that you always retain an expensive piece of equipment or clothing.



But should you use an ERP solution in your company? Here’s why: Let’s take a look at some positive aspects:

Better Planning –

Companies can use ERP software to plan their production and purchasing cycles better. Management can predict when they’ll run out of stock and order more in advance so they don’t have problems with their customers.

Improved Customer Service – 

When clients get assurance about orders filling quickly and accurately without fail, they’re more likely to return! The best part about using ERP software? You can see how many orders went through without any errors or delays—so if something goes wrong during processing time. Consequently, improve customer satisfaction by providing faster service.

Technological Advancement-

Companies must keep up with the latest technology as the garments industry grows. ERP(enterprise resource planning) software is the most substantial and valuable asset. It helps reduce errors by using automated processes instead of manual ones.

All-in-One Solution-

ERP is a system that allows companies to manage all aspects of their business from one place. It can track orders, inventory, sales, and more. The best part is It allows you to do all this while keeping your data completely secure and avoiding any mistakes that could lead to lost sales or unhappy customers.

Ensures Accuracy in Data Management-

Getting access to the correct information can make or break a company. Many factors can affect your business and its success in the garment industry. One of those factors is ERP software.

Inventory is all about release out products into prices, sizes, colors, designs & vendor categories using automated procedures. From managing your inventory and keeping track of stock, the blessings are enormous. Consequently, it saves money by preventing overstock or understock situations.

Easy Integration with other systems like CRM or HR systems-

A complete ERP system also focuses on the human resource activity of each employee; their overall performance is vital for the company’s growth rate. ERP like goRMG ERP has modules for production automation up to delivery to the client(shipment). The dashboard s built to give the best output of client handling smartly.

Reduced Operating Costs-

But what’s even better? The fact that ERP software improves efficiency and productivity in your warehouse and office as well. You’ll be able to get more work done faster while spending less time on mundane tasks like paperwork or inventory management. That’s something we can all get behind!

Faster Turnaround Time On Orders-

It helps you manage orders from customers more efficiently to deliver on time. That process builds customer loyalty and increases sales because customers will keep returning more products if they receive them quickly and with high-quality standards.

Revenue Forecasting-

Make more money by anticipating demand and preparing for sales

Streamline Operations With Fewer Errors

The software can also help make your business more environmentally responsible by reducing waste through efficient ordering processes and logistics tracking systems.

The RMG industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world—and ERP can help you compete better by helping you stay organized and improve efficiency across multiple departments.



Garments ERP price in Bangladesh

If you’re considering using an ERP system for your business, then it’s worth looking into before making any final decisions. For example, about what kind of software package will work best for your needs;

In 2023, Before work orders, textile factory owners compare apparel ERP software. They look for reviews, pricing, & other sensitive issues. Here are some things to consider:

There are monthly recurring charges; one-time installation costs vary depending upon the modules. The module’s price depends on the operational process of a company. 

Factors that Affect the Price of Textile ERP Software

A particular group has many factories. Suppose factories range from 10-15. The price will differ accordingly.

Line Calculation

The line of a floor will prevail over the idea of price

Payment Term

As there is a saying in garments ERP solution- module wise price quotation. At the initial stage, the ERP software solution provider company goes to a factory visit for pre-assessment for free. The latest technology enables IOT(Cloud Textile) enhanced solutions. In this particular space, goRMG is an unbeaten competitor in the market. It is integrated with smart & technical textiles.

Project Time Line

The minimum time of any project is supposed to be one year.


is it worth to use garments erp

Final Words

Want to eliminate the trouble by knowing details about your business’s ERP production management software price? To reach the final goal- sustainable manufacturing textiles, garments owners should consider it. Get your clothes with just one tap! Industry 4.0 is now aligning the Apparel sector to revolutionize Bangladesh’s RMG sector.

Apparel production management should focus on the critical factors to success. The only alternative is to make a larger share of this market ERP system. Overall, textile owners don’t necessarily look out for the price of garments ERP if the purpose is served. To infer, Enhance your team productivity by 40 %.

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