Thinking gives a result for the garments industry of Bangladesh. The result of this thinking is a real time production tracking system PROTRACKER. PROTRACKER is developed by Skylark Soft Limited (www.skylarksoft.com) for the garment industry. PROTRACKER successfully automates all levels of garments from cutting to finishing with the real-time production tracking system.

So, What Was The Thinking About?

China’s single largest contribution to the world market will fall from 39 percent this year to 2021. Bangladesh should adopt an integrated plan, it will be able to easily conquer China’s lost 19 percent market. Bangladesh’s contribution to the world market in the garments and textile sector is only 7 percent. For the welfare of this 8% contribution, the contribution of this sector is 63% of the total export income. We should adopt an integrated plan by making maximum use of information technology. The country will go a long way if Bangladesh can control the 19 percent market lost by China. Otherwise, the competitors India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia will miss out on this huge potential in the garment sector.

Real Time Production Tracking System:

From experience, the young entrepreneur observed the problems of the country’s ready-made garment industry. He saw that it was not getting the desired product due to their manual production. It is important to monitor production by a production tracker every moment of every day. Skylark Soft Limited sees that most of the ready-made garment factories in Bangladesh do not track production round the clock. Because they don’t have a real-time production tracker or a real-time production tracking software. At the same time, due to hand-to-hand or ledger calculations, the skills of the employees are not as expected.

PROTRACKER Runs Successfully

PROTRACKER successfully automates all levels of garments from cutting to finishing with software for real-time production tracking. In a word, it is a real-time production tracking system for garments. The managing director of Skylark Soft Ltd. Mr. BM Shorif said that since 2016, PROTRACKER has been successfully operating in 60 garment factories. As like domestic Garments Group Mondol Group, GMS Composite Knitting Industries Limited, and a foreign company as Saturn Textile. The real-time production tracking system, PROTRACKER will be able to save BDT 4 million per month. For this reason, foreign-owned garments companies are also using this production tracker, PROTRACKER of Skylark Soft Ltd.

Skylark Soft Limited started its journey in 2012 with only four manpower but now we have 60 manpower. Many countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Ethiopia are now doing well in the garment industry. Using Skylark’s PROTRACKER saves fabrics, time, and manpower increases efficiency, and makes it possible to achieve the desired production target. BM Sharif did not want to stop just by tracking production.

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