Professional IT Training

Corporate Professional IT training is a type of training that focuses on the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are needed to work in the IT field.  It prepares you to get a job in the IT field. Moreover, an IT professional can learn in-depth about consulting and accounting, sales and marketing, coding and education, healthcare, and others. Most importantly, Professional IT Training keeps any organization team in the game for maximum business value.

Our Expertise

With combined experience of over 10 +  years in the industry, we at SLS Lab help students, leaders, IT, Corporate professionals, design pros, project managers—anyone in any role—develop web development, creative, and business skills. The mentors at SLS Lab is well trained.

To clarify, Our senior trainers have a vast experience in teaching as well as hand on experience. On the whole, our talented trainers are willing to resolve queries on the spot that comes from the participants and help them become professionals.

We’re now arranging various Professional IT Training for Organizational Professionals on the topics of CYBER SECURITY, EMAIL SECURITY & IT INFRASTRUCTURE on regular basis.

Benefits- Professional IT Training

Corporate Professional IT training is a key element of any business’s success. It allows your employees to learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and get the experience as they need to grow into responsible employees. Moreover, corporate training program enables a company competitive by ensuring that your employees are trained in the latest techniques and technology.

  • Employee SWOT

    Strengthen security, and increase productivity and efficiency. Reduce the risk of downtime due to user error or security breaches.

  • 21st Century Skills

    In addition, professional IT training can help you improve your problem-solving skills.

  • Troubleshoot Computer Problems

    Professional IT training can teach you how to use software programs for business purposes. Improve staff morale and confidence, and enable them to develop new skills. 

  • Get New Ones

    Make the transition to new IT systems or technologies easier with Knowledge and skills 

Corporate Professional IT Training

Increase productivity

Motivate your employees

Employee Retention

Effective Learning

Ensure compliance

Employee turnover

Meet With Professionals

Quality of work output

“New Kid” Syndrome

Office Automation

Breakthrough in Career with Extraordinary Course Material

We implement new technique, idea & method in our professional training 

Why Us- The Best Corporate IT Training & Development Program

At First-Individual, team, and enterprise learning solutions – anywhere, anytime


For Instance, 95% of participants have achieved professional growth with SLS Lab-authorized professional IT training


Consequently, Pioneering in creating interactive, immersive learning experiences for the remote learner


We offer an extensive range of Professional IT training programs- classes on Cisco, Linux, Networking, Email Communication, IT Infrastructure and more. Indulge in quality education from professionals and stay focused on your career goals.


Most Importantly, Become an employer of choice – known for investing in workplace education.


We’re pledged to organize knowledge sharing session to strengthen the network in Bangladesh


In short,  We dedicatedly follow to the best practices of the IT industry.

Our Professional IT Training Courses

To start & build up a career in this vast sector, We enhance students’ capabilities. We emphasize career mapping from DAY-1. On the other hand, this mapping would be quite difficult for a student. That is why We’ve developed the best training course for the IT industry with the best faculty members in the country.

Where strategies for successful career advancement are included, and the entire module is project-focused. So feel free to learn courses with Skylark Soft Limited. So, grow your professional IT skills with us. Join the free seminar to learn more about the subject.

Web Design




JavaScript/ Jquery



PHP Basic


Web Development




JS/ Vue.JS

Ajax & JSON





Basic SEO

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Article Writing

Website Audit

Webmaster Tool

Google Analytics

On Pgae SEO

Off Page SEO

Website Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Graphics Design


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Indesign CC

Digital Marketing

Step by Step

Content Marketing

Content Optimization



E-commerce Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

MS Office Suite


MS Word

MS Excel

MS Powerpoint

MS Access


What A Participant Will Get?

The participant will get snacks, premium resources, training materials, Gifts, and Certificates. In addition, after joining the program, can talk directly with Industry Experts to ask any questions, and a good-friendly environment, Corporate grooming.

How To Participate - IT Training?

Please have a close eye on our social media page. We arrange various program. One announced, Please fill up the form.We will let you know further.

Is IT Training Helpful ?

Especially when you get hired, you face many IT communication problems. Our IT Instructors are capable of gripping your position to overcome the barriers you face at the office. To sum up, Get the Most from Your IT Training With Us.

professional IT training at skylark soft limited
An Initiative of Professional IT Training Taken By Skylark Soft Limited will Enable an Technology Company- Office or an Employee with IT Skills More Efficiently. Investing in yourself is always a good investment.– Kahafil Ora(Business Development Head)

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