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PROTRACKER is the first real-time automated production tracking software in Bangladesh, designed specifically for the readymade garment industry. It is a fully cloud-based, real-time production tracking solution for the apparel industry. It manages the entire production process, from handling order details to overseeing production, and shipping, and can be seamlessly integrated with any other management software.


PROTRACKER: Revolutionizing Garment Production Workflow

In Bangladesh, the apparel sector is a major economic driver, employing many and boosting the nation’s finances. The industry is now focusing on automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This move towards automation cuts labor needs lowers expenses, and saves time. PROTRACKER stands out as a software solution in this shift, streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary labor and costs, thus enhancing time efficiency in the apparel industry.

PROTRACKER transforms garment production with its seamless workflow management. Starting with easy bundle card generation from lay chart data and extending to various stages like print, embroidery, washing, sewing, and finishing, each step is optimized for efficiency and accuracy. Simple bundle card scans enable the automated generation of challans and gate passes, facilitate real-time tracking of garments, and ensure quality control through detailed reporting. The system streamlines processes from dispatch to ironing, and even packing, culminating in the timely preparation of shipments.

Problems PROTRACKER Solves

Production inefficiencies, lack of real-time tracking, inventory mismanagement, opaque rejection reasons, excessive WIP, risk of false data, quality control issues, manpower underutilization, shipment delays, and complex reporting processes are key challenges.

Absence of Real-Time Tracking: Limited production tracking visibility leads to delays.
Rejection Reasons Uncovered: Lack of transparency in understanding rejection.
Garment Losses:  Mismanagement of inventory and misplaced products.
Excessive Work-In-Progress (WIP): Uncontrolled work queues lead to inefficiency.
Potential for Fake Production Data: Risks of inaccurate or manipulated data.
Quality Control Issues: Inconsistent quality leads to defects and customer dissatisfaction.
Challenges in On-Time Shipments: Delays in fulfilling orders and meeting deadlines.
Lengthy and Complex Reporting Processes: Time-consuming and cumbersome reporting that hampers decision-making.


The authorized person who is in charge of monitoring clothes production has a lot less to worry about thanks to an automatic real-time tracking system. Additionally, there won’t be a need for a large labor in clothing manufacturers.
Bundle Card Generation

Initiating with the entry of lay chart data, PROTRACKER facilitates the effortless generation of a bundle card, which can be conveniently printed on A4 paper or a label. For products requiring additional processes like print, embroidery, or washing, attaching gum tape to the bundle card is recommended. After trimming the card with conventional scissors, a hole is made, and the card is folded and tied to the garment bundle.

Simplifying Print and Embroidery Dispatch

When dispatching parts to a print or embroidery facility, PROTRACKER simplifies the process through a simple scan of the bundle card. This scan automatically generates a challan and gate pass, streamlining the dispatch process. Post-processing, the bundle card is scanned again, allowing for the efficient tracking of any rejections or missing parts. PROTRACKER’s system then generates automated reports that summarize these findings, ensuring a seamless and transparent monitoring of the print and embroidery stages.

Enhancing Sewing and Stitching Efficiency

PROTRACKER’s sewing and stitching phase starts with a bundle card scan, logging it into the system, and generating an input challan for precise tracking. The line chief and Line QC verify the bundle quantity, ensuring accuracy. Post-QC, another scan tracks rejections or alterations, identifying process bottlenecks. Installing a large smart TV on the floor for real-time monitoring is advised, as it displays automated dashboards and reports, offering a clear view of the process and boosting productivity.

Streamlining the Washing Process

PROTRACKER boosts efficiency in the washing stage by using a simple bundle card scan to generate a Challan/Gatepass, easing garment transition. Post-wash, another scan tracks rejections or missing items, ensuring full accountability. The system then automatically compiles detailed reports, displayed on dashboards, providing a complete view of the washing process for effective management and consistent quality control.

Optimizing the Finishing Process

PROTRACKER’s finishing step begins with a bundle card scan in the ironing section, initiating garment tracking and management. After ironing, poly and packing quantities are entered into the system for accurate record-keeping. This data aids in generating a detailed packing list, crucial for on-time shipments and high customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the finishing process and ensuring timely deliveries.


  • Fully automated, real-time, responsive

  • High Efficiency & Productivity

  • Auto challan / gate pass and reports

  • Data backup on database

  • Fake production track, Auto rejection count

  • Receive data from barcode for fast opt.

  • Allows multiple users with different roles

  • Less WIP, Zero Waiting Time, Quick Decision

  • Advanced encryption & data security

  • Use from anywhere in the world

  • Real-time hourly production data

  • Floor-line efficiency

  • Enhances Accountability

  • Email / SMS Notification

  • Regular software updates with new features

  • No need for physical servers, reducing IT costs


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M Golam Mustafa

M Golam Mustafa

Executive Director

GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Limited

PROTRACKER has made a great difference in our garment production process. One of the biggest benefits is the automated data entry. Now, we only need to input order information into the system, and PROTRACKER takes care of the rest. This has saved us a lot of time and money, and it has also improved the accuracy of our data.

Soumik Dey

Soumik Dey


MU Fashions Limited

PROTRACKER has been a valuable asset to our company. The rich BI features have helped us to make better decisions about our production process. For example, we now have a report that shows us our loss and profit for every minute. This report has helped us to identify areas where we can improve our efficiency and profitability.

Sojib Ahmed

Sojib Ahmed

Marketing Director

IRIS Design Limited

PROTRACKER has helped us to improve our fabric utilization. The system can tell us how much fabric was needed to produce a certain amount of garments, and how much fabric was actually used. For example, we recently identified a pattern that was causing a lot of fabric waste. We were able to make a change to the pattern, which saved us a significant amount of fabric.

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