In the ready-made garment manufacturing, garment manufacturer mostly does cut-to-pack processes. The cutting process comes next to the fabric sourcing and prior to the stitching of garments. The cutting process sequence is shown by arrows:

Receiving cut plan and maker plan based on work order –> Preparing cut ratio –> Receiving fabrics from the fabric store (warehouse) –> Receiving pattern or markers from the CAD department –> Verify fabric approval status for quality and shade band –> prepare marker length on the cutting table (for the manual marker) and marking for fabric splicing –> Spreading of fabrics –> prepare a record of lay details –> Marker making/ laying CAD marker –> Cutting the fabric lay –> moving cut blocks to sorting and bundling area –> Ply numbering (placing stickers to each ply of each garment components) –> sorting and bundling –> Preparing bundling record –> Attaching bundle ticket with each bundle –> Keeping ready for issuing to stitching floor.

You need to know that the cutting processes may vary depending on the product, business type, and fabric and equipment. Nowadays most of the above cutting processes are automated. Like maker making, fabric spreading, and cutting. For increasing the cutting room productivity and reducing the manpower, garment companies are going for automation in the cutting room.

Other than the bulk cutting process, they also need to cut fabric using the maker for fabric consumption estimation. Optional process cutting department need to do
Fusing garment parts Checking of panels when printing and embroidery are done on the panel stage. They need to match the printed panel with other garment components before sending the bundle to the stitching department.

Fabric re-cutting for replacement of garment components

Rib cutting and piping cutting

Measuring and cutting tapes (if needed in the garment)

Counting trims, matching sizes of labels, and issue to the sewing department with the cutting bundles (This process is followed by some companies. But in most cases, trims, and accessory issued by the trim store and measuring and cutting tapes and done in the stitching floor)


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